Finnish Life Tables since 1751

Väinö Kannisto, Oiva Turpeinen, and Mauri Nieminen

Date Received: 20 May 1999
Date Published: 1 July 1999

A recently completed series of life tables from 1751 to 1995 is used for identifying four stages of mortality transition in Finland, separated by the years 1880, 1945 and 1970. The cyclical fluctuation of the death rate in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is measured and examined in relation to epidemics, famines and wars. Important permanent changes in mortality also took place in this early period. Each of the successive stages of transition produced its own characteristic pattern of mortality change which contrasted with those of the other stages. Finally, the age profile of the years added to life is drawn to illustrate the end result of each stage of mortality transition.

Authors' affiliations:
Väinö Kannisto is a Distinguished Research Fellow, Odense University Medical School, Odense, Denmark [Campo Grande 1, 6-D P-1700-086 Lisbon Portugal]

Oiva Turpeinen is a freelancer who worked in Helsinki University in 1963-96.[Halsuantie 10 B5, 00420 Helsinki, Finland]

Mauri Nieminen is a Senior Adviser of Population Statistics in Finland.[Statistics Finland, 00022 Helsinki, Finland]

Table of Contents:
1 Introduction
2 The Data
3 Mortality Transition
4 First Stage of Transition
5 Development since 1880
6 Years Added to Life


Keywords: mortality, Finland
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Finnish Life Tables since 1751
Väinö Kannisto, Oiva Turpeinen, and Mauri Nieminen
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