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The series of Finnish life tables has recently been extended back to 1751 and forms now an uninterrupted sequence of thirty life tables, first decennial, later quinquennial, spanning a period of 245 years.

The series documents all the different stages of mortality transition from high to low levels in an originally agricultural country which experienced many wars, famines and other crises as well as major political change. Yet, throughout the period in which the population grew from 0.4 million to 5 million, there was no break in the continuity of vital statistics nor in the population base either as a consequence of wars or territorial changes. When certain areas of southeastern* Finland were ceded to Soviet Union in 1940, all their inhabitants moved to other parts of Finland and their registers were likewise transferred.

*Errata: original text read "southwestern." Corrected per communication from author on 3 November 1999

Abstract The Data

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Finnish Life Tables since 1751
Väinö Kannisto, Oiva Turpeinen, and Mauri Nieminen
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