Discussion Notes
8 Acknowledgments
We wish to thank the Health Care Financing Administration for granting us access to the enormous amount of data used in this analysis. We also thank Bert Kestenbaum of the Social Security Administration for his invaluable technical assistance regarding the data set; Dean Carpenter and Gary Thompson for their programming work which made the analysis of the dataset possible; Silvia Leek for the commitment of her time to the graphical representations; and James W. Vaupel for his overall guidance on the project. Funding for this project was provided by the National Institute on Aging under grant number AG08761.
Discussion Notes

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Evaluation of U.S. Mortality Patterns at Old Ages
Using the Medicare Enrollment Data Base.

Allan M. Parnell and Cynthia R. Owens
1999 - 2000 Max-Planck-Gesellschaft ISSN 1435-9871