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8 Acknowledgments
We would like to acknowledge the support from Dr. Richard Suzman, National Institute on Aging, who has encouraged us to prepare the initial version of this review. A significant improvement of the text was made thanks to further support and interest of Dr. James W. Vaupel, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. He provided us with unique opportunity to discuss our manuscript with the participants of the two Research Workshops "Genes, Genealogies, and Longevity" held in Belgium (Louvain-la-Neuve, October 1998) and in Germany (Rostock, May 1999). We also wish to thank Dr. James Oeppen, Ms. Amandine Cournil, Dr. Bertrand Desjardins, Dr. Michel Poulain, Dr. Bernard Jeune, Dr. Axel Skytthe, Dr. Thomas Perls, Mr. John Bloore who provided us with additional information on their data resources. We would like to acknowledge the support from the National Institute on Aging grants P20 AG12857, AG13698 and AG16138.
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