Volume 21 - Article 4 | Pages 75-108

Neither single, nor in a couple. A study of living apart together in France

By Arnaud Regnier-Loilier, Éva Beaujouan, Catherine Villeneuve-Gokalp

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Date received:09 Oct 2008
Date published:31 Jul 2009
Word count:9160
Keywords:cohabitation, Generations and Gender Survey (GGS), intimate relationship, living apart together (LAT), living arrangements, typology


Among living arrangements, living apart together relationships arouse curiosity on the part of sociologists, demographers and even the media. From a scientific point of view, how have noncohabiting relationships evolved in recent decades? How can we recognise these relationships, and who are the populations concerned? The present study provides an overall view into noncohabiting relationships in France, shedding light on the characteristics of both the individuals concerned and their relationships. There has been no recent increase in the prevalence of this living arrangement. It competes with cohabiting relationships both among students and among people with cohabiting children. Four main groups of living apart relationships are described: "Young adults", "Out of a family", "Seniors." The reasons for living apart as well as future intentions vary considerably across these groups.

Author's Affiliation

Arnaud Regnier-Loilier - Institut national d'études démographiques, France [Email]
Éva Beaujouan - Institut national d'études démographiques, France [Email]
Catherine Villeneuve-Gokalp - Institut national d'études démographiques, France [Email]

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