Volume 23 - Article 10 | Pages 257-292

A review of the antecedents of union dissolution

By Torkild Lyngstad, Marika Jalovaara

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Date received:08 Oct 2009
Date published:03 Aug 2010
Word count:7100
Keywords:antecedents, determinants, dissolution, divorce, Europe, review, separation, union dissolution


The question of what factors contribute to the stability of coresidential partnerships has attracted the attention of many social scientists. This study summarizes recent research on the determinants of union dissolution within a set of substantive themes. Special emphasis is placed on the past two decades of research. European as well as American contributions are considered.

Author's Affiliation

Torkild Lyngstad - University of Oslo, Norway [Email]
Marika Jalovaara - University of Turku, Finland [Email]

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