Volume 23 - Article 14 | Pages 399-420

A modified new method for estimating smoking-attributable mortality in high-income countries

By Brian Rostron

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Date received:01 Feb 2010
Date published:17 Aug 2010
Word count:4269
Keywords:life expectancy, mortality, smoking


Preston, Glei, and Wilmoth (2010) recently proposed an innovative regression-based method to estimate smoking-attributable mortality in developed countries based on observed lung cancer death rates. Their estimates for females, however, differ appreciably from some published estimates. This article presents a modified version of the Preston, Glei, and Wilmoth method that includes an age-period interaction term in its model. This modified version produces improved estimates of smoking-attributable mortality that are consistent with results from a modified version of the Peto-Lopez indirect method.

Author's Affiliation

Brian Rostron - Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States of America [Email]

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