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5. Acknowledgements

The main support for this project was provided by the Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University, under a Co-operative Agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (A.I.D.) (DPE - 3061 - A - 00 - 1029 - 00). The views expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views of A.I.D. or Georgetown University. Further support was provided by the Italian Ministry of the University and of the Scientific and Technological Research (MURST, funds of 40%), and National Research Council (C.N.R.).

The Authors wish to express their warmest thanks to the hundreds of women who participated in the study and to the teachers of natural family planning whose contribution in each of the eight centres was vital. They acknowledge the special contribution of the graduate students of the University of Padua Francesca Bassi, Sabrina Camporese, Gianna Cencherle, Laura Miolo, Katia Passarin, Chiara Romualdi and Alessandro Rosina, who at different times collaborated in the construction and checking of the data base and in the processing of the collected data, and of Leopolda De Marchi who skilfully typed and formatted the manuscript.

The Authors wish also to express gratitude and appreciation to Francesco Billari, David Dunson, Victoria Jennings, Henri Leridon, John Marshall and Irit Sinai for their suggestions and comments on the draft manuscript, and to David Dunson for his generous help in the revision.

René Ecochard gave an invaluable contribution for methodological and statistical aspects, from the design of the study to suggestions for elaboration on the collected data. René Ecochard, John France and Günter Freundl assisted in the preparation and writing of the manuscript.

Special thanks are due to the reviewers, for their kind attention for the submitted paper and the many comments which gave guidance to improve it.


Discussion Notes

Daily Fecundability: First Results from a New Data Base
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