Nick Parr

Associate Professor in Demography
Macquarie University


Nick Parr

Nick's principal research interests are; fertility, workforce demography, family policies, migrant populations, contraceptive use, and statistical demography. Whilst most of his research has focused on Australian demography, he has also written several papers on West Africa.
Nick has lectured at Macquarie University in the field of demography since completing his PhD in 1992, and was awarded a Faculty of Business and Economics Teaching Award in 2008 and a Faculty of Business and Economics Award for Research Impact in 2014. He holds a PhD and MSc in Social Statistics from Southampton University in the UK and a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics from Warwick University.

Nick has an extensive record of service to the demographic profession. He served for ten years (1996-2006) on the National Council of the Australian Population Association (APA), being National President from 2002-04 and National Vice President from 2000-02. He was President of the NSW Regional Group of APA from 1997-2001 and Secretary/Treasurer from 2005-2007. He was Conference Convener for the Eleventh National Conference of the Australian Population Association, which was held in Sydney in 2002. He has acted as a referee for a wide range of international journals and has served as a judge for the WD Borrie Essay Prize on three occasions.

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