Eva Bernhardt

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Eva Bernhardt

Eva Bernhardt is Professor Emerita in Demography, Stockholm University. She got her Ph.D. in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, in 1971. Her main research area is family demography, with an emphasis on the intersection between work and family life, in particular from a gender perspective. She initiated the longitudinal Young Adult Panel Study in 1998, with the aim of studying the complex, reciprocal relationships between work and family-related attitudes and demographic behaviour. She has co-authored Immigration, Gender and Family Transitions to Adulthood in Sweden (with Frances and Calvin Goldscheider, & Gunilla Bjerén), University Press of America, 2007. Among her many articles in peer-reviewed journals can be noted “Fertility and Employment” (European Sociological Review 1993) and “Shared housework in Norway and Sweden: Advancing the gender revolution” (with Turid Noack and Torkild Lyngstad) in Journal of European Social Policy, 2008.

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