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15 July 2013

Scientific research should be transparent and replicable. Demographic Research expects authors, whenever possible, to publish data and computer code that will allow readers to reproduce published results. Starting with Volume 29 (July 2013), we will designate articles as Author has provided data and code for replicating results Replicable if authors meet that expectation.

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27 November 2015 | descriptive finding

»Income sources and intergenerational transfers in different regimes: The case of East Germany's transformation

Fanny Annemarie Kluge, Tobias Vogt

Volume: 33 Article ID: 41 Pages: 1153-1164

26 November 2015 | descriptive finding

»Non-resident parent-child contact after marital dissolution and parental repartnering: Evidence from Italy

Silvia Meggiolaro, Fausta Ongaro

Volume: 33 Article ID: 40 Pages: 1137-1152

18 November 2015 | research article

»The educational integration of second generation southern Italian migrants to the north

Gabriele Ballarino, Nazareno Panichella

Volume: 33 Article ID: 39 Pages: 1105-1136


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