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Socio-economic inequalities in mortality and health in the developing world

By Alberto Minujin, Enrique Delamonica

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Date received:17 Feb 2003
Date published:16 Apr 2004
Word count:5430
Keywords:developing countries, equity, inequality, socio-economic, socio-economic trends, under-five mortality, wealth gap


Trends in child mortality disparities show that within country inequities have remained constant in some countries and worsened in most of the other ones. Only three countries, with relatively small populations which comprise less than 2 per cent of our sample, were able to achieve both a reduction in disparity and improvements (or no decline) in national average U5MR. The evolution of nutrition and DPT3 immunisation seems more promising.

Author's Affiliation

Alberto Minujin - United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United States of America [Email]
Enrique Delamonica - United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United States of America [Email]

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