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Fertility Decisions in the FRG and GDR: An Analysis with Data from the German Fertility and Family Survey

By Michaela Kreyenfeld

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Date received:26 Jul 2003
Date published:17 Apr 2004
Word count:11313
Keywords:event history, event history analysis, first birth, former GDR, Germany, life-course


The aim of this paper is to compare family policies and fertility patterns in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the German Federal Republic (FRG). Among other aspects, both societies particularly differed in the integration of women into the labor market. By contrasting the fertility development in these two societies, this paper aims to illuminate how women’s education and employment relates to fertility decisions in societal contexts that support (in the case of the GDR) and hamper (in the case of the FRG) the compatibility between work and family life.
Data for this analysis comes from the German Fertility and Family Survey (of the year 1992). We provide descriptive statistics for all birth parities, but we limit the multivariate event history analysis to first births only.

Author's Affiliation

Michaela Kreyenfeld - Hertie School of Governance, Germany [Email]

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