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Quality of child health care and under-five-mortality in Zambia:: A case study of two districts in Luapula Province

By Augustus Kapungwe

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Date received:13 Dec 2004
Date published:20 May 2005
Word count:6084
Keywords:child healthcare, child survival, health-seeking behavior, quality of care, under-five mortality, verbal autopsy
Updated Items:old title: Quality of Child Health Care and Under-five Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A case of two Districts in Luapula Province of Zambia


This study was intended to investigate the factors associated with the high under-five mortality in one province of Zambia. Specifically the study (a) Identifies predominant traditional cultural beliefs and perceptions concerning main causes of child deaths; (b) assesses quality of health care services; and, (c) determines the causes of death among children under-five years. Multiple data collection instruments were used to collect the necessary information about 360 deaths.
Findings indicate that most children died before the second year of life with more than 50% dying before their first birthday. The paper argues that most of the deaths could have been averted had quality health care been provided. Recommendations on how to improve child health care provision are provided.

Author's Affiliation

Augustus Kapungwe - University of Zambia, Zambia [Email]

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