Volume 18 - Article 19 | Pages 531-568

Does the recent evolution of Canadian mortality agree with the epidemiologic transition theory?

By Marie-Hélène Lussier, Robert Bourbeau, Robert Choinière

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Date received:23 May 2007
Date published:20 Jun 2008
Word count:7208
Keywords:Canada, causes of death, chronic diseases, epidemiologic transition, mortality, new variants of the theory


After studying the epidemiologic transition’s situation in Canada, it is determined that the delimitation of temporal stages within the epidemiologic transition as put forward by Omran (1971, 1998), Olshansky and Ault (1986), Rogers and Hackenberg (1987) and Olshansky et al. (1998) does not suit the Canadian evolution. Many of the researchers’ postulates on the epidemiologic transition were not confirmed, which leads us to assert that, since 1958, the epidemiologic transition is best described as an evolution process rather than specific stages confined within time limits.

Author's Affiliation

Marie-Hélène Lussier - Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, United States of America [Email]
Robert Bourbeau - Université de Montréal, Canada [Email]
Robert Choinière - Institut National de santé publique du Québec, Canada [Email]

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