Volume 19 - Article 43 | Pages 1575-1586

Human Biodemography: Some challenges and possibilities

By Kaare Christensen

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Date received:09 May 2007
Date published:05 Sep 2008
Word count:2591
Keywords:ageing processes, determinants, elderly, longitudinal, male/female differences, mortality


This opinion report - in a series on the future of biodemography - focuses on promising areas that I think will be valuable to develop in the future in order to get a better understanding of the determinants of the health and well-being of elderly people.
I discuss two major themes: i) the benefits of strengthening the ties between biodemography and medical-clinical disciplines to better understand the link between functioning/diseases/ vulnerability and mortality, ii) the male-female health-survival paradox (i.e., males report better health than females, but encounter higher mortality at all ages), and how this paradox may shed light on fundamental aging processes.

Author's Affiliation

Kaare Christensen - Syddansk Universitet, Denmark [Email]

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