Volume 4 - Article 9 | Pages 289-336

Application of the Demographic Potential Concept to Understanding the Russian Population History and Prospects: 1897-2100

By Dalkhat M. Ediev

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Date received:25 Dec 2000
Date published:14 Jun 2001
Word count:10037
Keywords:demographic losses of Russia, method of demographic potentials, population projections, Russia, Russian population perspectives, Russian population trends
Additional files:Aggregate population projection model (Excel file, 822 kB)


The article deals with Russian population estimates since 1897 and prospects to the end of the XXI century. Concept of demographic potential is used to examine past trends and project future tendencies. Dramatic disturbances of the past century hampered population growth and brought the possibility of halving the Russian population, the possibility, which could turn into inevitably if demographic problems are not solved before the mid-XXI. At the same time the Russian population still has a momentum of quick growth under the condition of fast recovery of vital rates.

Author's Affiliation

Dalkhat M. Ediev - Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/ÖAW, WU), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria [Email]

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