Volume 7 - Article 16 | Pages 537-564

Socioeconomic differentials in divorce risk by duration of marriage

By Marika Jalovaara

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Date received:23 Aug 2002
Date published:29 Nov 2002
Word count:7654
Keywords:divorce, Finland, life course, marital disruption, registers, socioeconomy


Using register-based data on Finnish first marriages that were intact at the end of 1990 (about 2.1 million marriage-years) and followed up for divorce in 1991-1993 (n = 21,204), this research explored the possibility that the effect of spouses' socioeconomic position on divorce risk varies according to duration of marriage.
The comparatively high divorce risks for spouses with little formal education and for spouses in manual worker occupations were found to be specific to marriages of relatively short duration. In contrast, such factors as unemployment, wife's high income, and living in a rented dwelling were found to increase divorce risk at all marital durations.

Author's Affiliation

Marika Jalovaara - Turun Yliopisto (University of Turku), Finland [Email]

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