How to cite Demographic Research

Articles in Demographic Research should be cited in the same way as articles from traditional journals are cited, except for the fact that Demographic Research has no issue numbers. Articles published in Demographic Research starting in the year 2001 have all the key "traditional" elements used in citations; that is – author(s), article title, volume number, and a page number range. Articles from volumes 1, 2, and 3 (1999 and 2000) also have the key traditional elements except there are no page numbers. However, in all volumes each article has an article ID number. For articles in the very earliest volumes, you will need to use the article IDs in place of page numbers. For all articles published 2001 and later, please use the page numbers.

Two standard abbreviations for Demographic Research are "Demographic Res." or "DemRes".

Here are two examples of citation styles.

The Science citation style does not use titles, and also only uses the beginning page number or the article ID number.

  • A. M. Parnell, C. R. Owens, Demographic Res. 1, 2 (1999)
  • R. Hoffmann, Demographic Res. 13, 35 (2005)

The Nature citation style uses the article titles and full pagination range when available. Otherwise, just include the article ID – as in the example for Parnell.

  • Parnell, A. M. & Owens, C. R. Evaluation of U.S. mortality patterns at old ages: using the Medicare enrollment data base. Demographic Res. 1, 2 (1999)
  • Hoffmann, R. Do socioeconomic mortality differences decrease with rising age? Demographic Res. 13, 35–62 (2005)
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