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07 June 2023 | descriptive finding

Subnational variations in births and marriages during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea

Myunggu Jung, D. Susie Lee

Volume: 48 Article ID: 30
Pages: 867–882
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2023.48.30

02 July 2021 | descriptive finding

Are parents and children coresiding less than before? An analysis of intergenerational coresidence in South Korea, 1980–2015

Bongoh Kye, Yool Choi

Volume: 45 Article ID: 1
Pages: 1–16
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2021.45.1

11 May 2021 | research article

Socioeconomic differentials in fertility in South Korea

Sojung Lim

Volume: 44 Article ID: 39
Pages: 941–978
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2021.44.39

19 March 2021 | research article

The paradox of change: Religion and fertility decline in South Korea

Sam Hyun Yoo, Victor Agadjanian

Volume: 44 Article ID: 23
Pages: 537–562
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2021.44.23

14 February 2018 | research article

Ultra-low fertility in South Korea: The role of the tempo effect

Sam Hyun Yoo, Tomáš Sobotka

Volume: 38 Article ID: 22
Pages: 549–576
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2018.38.22

10 January 2017 | research article

The changing role of employment status in marriage formation among young Korean adults

Keuntae Kim

Volume: 36 Article ID: 5
Pages: 145–172
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2017.36.5

11 October 2016 | research article

Postponement and recuperation in cohort marriage: The experience of South Korea

Sam Hyun Yoo

Volume: 35 Article ID: 35
Pages: 1045–1078
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2016.35.35

03 June 2015 | research article

Long-term trends in living alone among Korean adults: Age, gender, and educational differences

Hyunjoon Park, Jaesung Choi

Volume: 32 Article ID: 43
Pages: 1177–1208
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.32.43

03 June 2015 | research article

Public transfers and living alone among the elderly: A case study of Korea's new income support program

Erin Hye-Won Kim

Volume: 32 Article ID: 50
Pages: 1383–1408
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.32.50

21 January 2011 | research article

Intergenerational transmission of women’s educational attainment in South Korea: An application of a multi-group population projection model

Bongoh Kye

Volume: 24 Article ID: 3
Pages: 79–112
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2011.24.3

16 May 2008 | research article

Effects of single parenthood on educational aspiration and student disengagement in Korea

Hyunjoon Park

Volume: 18 Article ID: 13
Pages: 377–408
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2008.18.13