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16 May 2023 | research article

A test of the predictive validity of relative versus absolute income for self-reported health and well-being in the United States

David Brady, Michaela Curran, Richard Carpiano

Volume: 48 Article ID: 26
Pages: 775–808
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2023.48.26

12 July 2022 | research article

Measuring contraceptive use in India: Implications of recent fieldwork design and implementation of the National Family Health Survey

Kaushalendra Kumar, Abhishek Singh, Amy Tsui

Volume: 47 Article ID: 4
Pages: 73–110
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2022.47.4

09 February 2017 | research article

The quality of periodic fertility measures in EU-SILC

Angela Greulich, Aurélien Dasré

Volume: 36 Article ID: 17
Pages: 525–556
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2017.36.17

06 August 2010 | research article

Measuring pregnancy planning: An assessment of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy among urban, south Indian women

Corinne Rocca, Suneeta Krishnan, Geraldine Barrett, Mark Wilson

Volume: 23 Article ID: 11
Pages: 293–334
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2010.23.11

26 September 2008 | research article

A behaviorally-based approach to measuring inequality

Robert Schoen, Claudia Nau

Volume: 19 Article ID: 49
Pages: 1727–1748
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2008.19.49

19 September 2003 | research article

Comparing, Contextualizing, and Conceptualizing: Enhancing Quantitative Data on Women's Situation in Rural Africa

Enid Schatz

Special Collection: S1 Article ID: 5
Pages: 143–174
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2003.S1.5

19 September 2003 | research material

An Assessment of the KDICP and MDICP Data Quality: Interviewer Effects, Question Reliability and Sample Attrition

Simona Bignami-Van Assche, Georges Reniers, Alexander A. Weinreb

Special Collection: S1 Article ID: 2
Pages: 31–76
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2003.S1.2