Volume 11 - Article 10 | Pages 263–304  

Estimating time-varying sex-age-specific o/e rates of marital status transitions in family household projection or simulation

By Yi Zeng, Eric Stallard, Zhenglian Wang


This article presents a procedure for estimating time-varying sex-age-specific occurrence/exposure (o/e) rates of marital status transitions to ensure that the projected life course propensities of marriage/union formation and dissolution are achieved consistently in the one-sex family status life table model. Procedures for estimating time-varying sex-age-specific marital status transition o/e rates that are consistent with the two-sex constraints and projected summary measures of marriage/union formation and dissolution in the future years in the two-sex family household projection model is proposed.
The procedures proposed in this article are practically useful and can be applied in both macro and micro models for family household projections or simulations that need time-varying sex-age-specific o/e rates of marital status transitions.

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