Volume 31 - Article 22 | Pages 659–686  

Unobserved population heterogeneity: A review of formal relationships

By James W. Vaupel, Trifon Missov

Response Letter

08 November 2019 | Response Letter

Response letter concerning equation in original manuscript

by James W. Vaupel

Last year we discovered, based on feedback from Joshua Goldstein and Cosmo Strozza, that the proof of eq. (52*) in the original 2014 article depended on a restrictive assumption that we failed to mention. We corrected the article by providing an alternative, more general expression, which we labeled eq. (39*): we put it at the end of the section of the article that focused on gamma-distributed fixed frailty.

In this Response Letter, we prove, under appropriate assumptions, eq. (52*) from the original version of our article on “Unobserved population heterogeneity: A review of formal relationships” from 2014. In doing so, we also prove some related formulas.

James W. Vaupel and Trifon I. Missov

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