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Zachary Van Winkle

Zachary Van Winkle is a doctoral student and research fellow at Humboldt University Berlin’s Department of Microsociology and an associate member at the research group Demography and Inequality at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. His research interests include family demography, intergenerational dynamics, inequality, and social research methods. Recent publications include “Family Trajectories Across Time and Space: Increasing Complexity in Family Life Courses in Europe?” in Demography, “Complexity in Employment Life Courses in Europe in the Twentieth Century – Large Cross-National Differences but Little Change Across Birth Cohorts” with Anette Fasang in Social Forces, and “Among Friends: The Role of Academic-Preparedness in Individual Performance within a Small-Group STEM Learning Environment with Marina Micari and Pilar Pazos in the International Journal of Science Education.

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