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Serena Pattaro

Serena Pattaro is a Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow and Co-Investigator with the UKRI ESRC-funded Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR), University of Glasgow. Her research is concerned with understanding how disparities in employment, welfare and health combine and lead to subsequent inequalities over the life course. Her work sits at the intersection of social policy, demography, economics and health sciences. Her research interests are in social and health inequalities, fertility and life course transitions, unemployment and labour market dynamics. She is also interested in quantitative research methods, causal inference and linked administrative data. She was awarded a DPhil in Sociology from Nuffield College, University of Oxford, with a doctoral thesis on ‘Women’s employment instability and fertility dynamics: Cross-cohort changes in Italy and Sweden’, where she modelled fertility and labour market transitions using advanced survival models applied to retrospective life history data. She is also associate at the UKRI ESRC-funded Centre for Population Change, University of Southampton, where she was involved on a research project on ‘Fertility postponement and recuperation in Britain’.

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