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Zhongwei Zhao graduated from University of Cambridge (PhD), University of Exeter (MA), and Peking University (BA). Since 2008, he has been a Professor at the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, the Australian National University. Prior to taking up the present appointment, he was a senior fellow/fellow/research fellow at the Demography Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, a senior research associate at the Cambridge Group for the History of population and Social Structure, a Bye-Fellow at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge. Zhongwei Zhao has been doing research in the following areas: Environmental impacts on population health and mortality; Mortality and fertility transition in East Asia, especially China; China’s far below replacement fertility and evaluation of China’s demographic data; Computer micro-simulation in demographic research; Historical demography; Changes in families, households and kinship networks; Demographic estimation and mortality models; and Demographic impacts of famines. He has published many papers in world leading demographic journals.

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