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Glenn Sandström

Glenn Sandström is a Research Fellow in historical demography associated with the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies and the Centre for Demographic and Aging Research (CEDAR) at Umeå University, Sweden. Sandström's research covers a wide range of issues regarding changes in family dynamics and gender relations. Most of his previous research has focused on how economic, normative, and institutional restructuring have resulted in changes in family stability and fertility in Sweden and other European countries from the late 19th century up until today. His latest publication focused on how reduced child mortality influenced fertility behavior during the demographic transition in Europe.

See Reher, D.S., Sandström, G., Sanz-Gimeno, A., and van Poppel, F.W.A. (2017). Agency in fertility decisions in Western Europe during the demographic transition: A comparative perspective. Demography 54(1): 3–22.

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