Richelle L. Winkler

Associate Professor of Sociology and Demography
Michigan Technological University


Richelle L. Winkler

Richelle Winkler works in an interdisciplinary Social Sciences department, where she advises in an MS/PhD program in Environmental and Energy Policy. Her areas of expertise are in rural demography, migration, population and environment, applied demography, community development, spatial analysis, and community-engaged research. Winkler’s research uses the tools of spatial demography to understand patterns of inequality, focusing on environmental conditions and rural communities. Current and recent projects include generating county-level net migration estimates 2000–2010 by age, sex, and Hispanic origin for all US counties; investigating how migration impacts patterns of residential segregation by age and race/ethnicity; analyzing relationships between amenity-based migration and community development; understanding changes in hunting and angling populations; and exploring social and economic dimensions of various energy contexts in rural communities. Winkler earned her PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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