Volume 18 - Article 4 | Pages 117–144

How fertility and union stability interact in shaping new family patterns in Italy and Spain

By Lucia Coppola, Mariachiara Di Cesare

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Date received:15 Apr 2005
Date published:18 Mar 2008
Word count:6474
Keywords:fertility, Italy, Spain, union dissolution


In this paper we investigate the interrelationships between fertility decisions and union dissolution in Italy and Spain. We argue that there might exist a spurious relationship between these two life trajectories. The analysis is based on the 1996 Fertility and Family Survey data for Italy and Spain. Results show that there is a spurious relationship between fertility and union dissolution in Italy but not in Spain. Nevertheless, in both countries, there is an evident direct effect of each process on the other: union dissolution decreases the risk of further childbearing, while childbirths decrease the risk of union dissolution.

Author's Affiliation

Lucia Coppola - Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT), Italy [Email]
Mariachiara Di Cesare - Universidad de Concepción, Chile [Email]

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