Volume 19 - Article 42 | Pages 1551–1574

Adult mortality and children’s transition into marriage

By Kathleen Beegle, Sofya Krutikova

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Date received:28 Jun 2007
Date published:02 Sep 2008
Word count:5708
Keywords:adult mortality, HIV/AIDS, marriage, orphans


Adult mortality due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases is posited to affect children through a number of pathways. On top of health and education outcomes, adult mortality can have significant effects on children by influencing demographic outcomes including the timing of marriage. This paper examines marriage outcomes for a sample of children interviewed in Tanzania in the early 1990s and re-interviewed in 2004. We find that while girls who became paternal orphans married at significantly younger ages, orphanhood had little effect on boys. On the other hand, non-parental deaths in the household affect the timing of marriage for boys.

Author's Affiliation

Kathleen Beegle - World Bank, United States of America [Email]
Sofya Krutikova - University of Oxford, United Kingdom [Email]

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