Volume 21 - Article 22 | Pages 647–680

Rates of induced abortion in Denmark according to age, previous births and previous abortions

By Marie-Louise H. Hansen, Ditte Mølgaard-Nielsen, Lisbeth B. Knudsen, Niels Keiding

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Date received:16 Jun 2008
Date published:03 Nov 2009
Word count:6831
Keywords:abortion parity, abortion rates, family situation, fertility parity, urbanization


Background: Whereas the effects of various socio-demographic determinants on a woman’s risk of having an abortion are relatively well-documented, less attention has been given to the effect of previous abortions and births.
Objective: To study the effect of previous abortions and births on Danish women’s risk of an abortion, in addition to a number of demographic and personal characteristics.
Data and methods: From the Fertility of Women and Couples Dataset we obtained data on the number of live births and induced abortions by year (1981-2001), age (16-39), county of residence and marital status. Logistic regression analysis was used to estimate the influence of the explanatory variables on the probability of having an abortion in a relevant year.
Main findings and conclusion: A woman’s risk of having an abortion increases with the number of previous births and previous abortions. Some interactions were was found in the way a woman’s risk of abortion varies with calendar year, age and parity. The risk of an abortion for women with no children decreases while the risk of an abortion for women with children increases over time. Furthermore, the risk of an abortion decreases with age, but relatively more so for women with children compared to childless women. Trends for teenagers are discussed in a separate section.

Author's Affiliation

Marie-Louise H. Hansen - Københavns Universitet, Denmark [Email]
Ditte Mølgaard-Nielsen - Københavns Universitet, Denmark [Email]
Lisbeth B. Knudsen - Aalborg University, Denmark [Email]
Niels Keiding - Københavns Universitet, Denmark [Email]

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