Volume 23 - Article 12 | Pages 335–364

Contraceptive use and intent in Guatemala

By Kathryn Grace

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Date received:03 Jun 2009
Date published:10 Aug 2010
Word count:6800
Keywords:contraceptive use, family planning, fertility


Guatemala is characterized by low contraceptive use rates and one
of the highest fertility rates in the Western Hemisphere. These
rates are particularly extreme for the poorest segment of the
population and for the indigenous population. The purpose of this research is to
enhance understanding of the modern contraceptive revolution in
Guatemala through identification of the segments of the Guatemalan
population at most need for contraceptive and family planning
services. Using the most recently available survey data, the 2002
Reproductive Health Survey data set (RHS), classification trees
will be used to determine the women with greatest need for
reproductive health services. The results highlight the persistent
marginalization of the poor and the indigenous and provide further
insight into the impact of education, place of residence and
couple characteristics on contraceptive use and intent.

Author's Affiliation

Kathryn Grace - University of Minnesota Twin Cities, United States of America [Email]

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