Volume 24 - Article 19 | Pages 455–468

Linking period and cohort life-expectancy linear increases in Gompertz proportional hazards models

By Trifon I. Missov, Adam Lenart

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Date received:07 Dec 2010
Date published:15 Mar 2011
Word count:1278
Keywords:cohort life expectancy, Gompertz mortality, Linear Shift Models, period life expectancy
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In a Gompertz mortality model with constant yearly improvements at all ages, linear increases in period life expectancy correspond to linear increases in the respective cohort life expectancy. The link between the two measures can be given by a simple approximate relationship.

Author's Affiliation

Trifon I. Missov - Syddansk Universitet, Denmark [Email]
Adam Lenart - Syddansk Universitet, Denmark [Email]

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