Volume 24 - Article 6 | Pages 175–178

Preface to the Rostock Debate on Demographic Change

By Laura Bernardi, Pascal Hetze

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Date received:19 Apr 2007
Date published:02 Feb 2011
Word count:283
Keywords:demographic change, Europe, family policy, fertility, gender, welfare state
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The first Rostock Debate on Demographic Change, which took place on February 21, 2006, centered on the following question: Should governments in Europe push much more aggressively for gender equality to raise fertility? The four debaters were Laurent Toulemon from the Institut National d’Etudes Demograhiques (France), Dimiter Philipov from the Vienna Institute of Demography (Austria), Livia Oláh from Stockholm University (Sweden), and Gerda Neyer from the Max Planck Institute (Germany)

Author's Affiliation

Laura Bernardi - Université de Lausanne, Switzerland [Email]
Pascal Hetze - Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, Germany [Email]

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