Volume 32 - Article 27 | Pages 829–842 Article has associated letter

The future size of religiously affiliated and unaffiliated populations

By Conrad Hackett, Marcin Jan Stonawski, Michaela Potančoková, Brian J. Grim, Vegard Skirbekk


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07 January 2017 | Response Letter

Response: Modeling religious switching as a young adult phenomenon

by Conrad Hackett

Responding to our article on the future size of religiously affiliated and unaffiliated populations, Pearce Aurigemma suggests it is appropriate to model religious switching primarily as a young adult phenomenon and asks whether we do so. The short answer is yes, we model religious switching as [...]

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20 December 2016 | Response Letter

Question: Distribution by age of transitions

by Pearce Aurigemma

Anecdotally, it would seem that 15-30 age range would be the highest age range to transition from religiously affiliated to unaffiliated. And the largest group 28% age 0-14 are religiously affiliated. 

Do the calculations take into consideration a higher transition before average fertility age? It seems possible if transitions happen at a significantly higher rate before fertility age the conclusion could land the opposite direction.