Volume 6 - Article 12 | Pages 325–354

Integrated Information System for Demographic Statistics 'ESGRAON-TDS' in Bulgaria

By Iliana Kohler, Jordan Kaltchev, Mariana Dimova

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Date received:26 Feb 2002
Date published:14 May 2002
Word count:9815
Keywords:Bulgaria, census, demographic statistics, statistics


In this paper we describe the Bulgarian statistical system that provides unique research possibilities for demographic analyses. In particular, we review the methodology, structure and informational flows for population registration and the registration of vital events in Bulgaria. In addition, we describe the main elements of the most recent Bulgarian census from March 1, 2001. In the last part of the paper, we pay special attention to data protection and data confidentiality issues in Bulgaria.

Author's Affiliation

Iliana Kohler - University of Pennsylvania, United States of America [Email]
Jordan Kaltchev - National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria, Bulgaria [Email]
Mariana Dimova - National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria, Bulgaria [Email]

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