Volume 7 - Article 12 | Pages 433–468

The Netherlands:Paradigm or Exception in Western Europe’s Demography?

By David Coleman, Joop Garssen

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Date received:12 Feb 2002
Date published:10 Sep 2002
Word count:7900
Keywords:childbearing, demographic comparison, dependency, ethnic minorities, Europe, fertility, immigration, late childbearing, mortality, Netherlands, population density, teenage fertility, Western Europe


This article reviews the position of the population of the Netherlands in the context of the demographic characteristics of the other seventeen major Western European countries. It attempts to show the ways in which the population of the Netherlands is part of the European mainstream and where it diverges in various interesting ways. Where possible, a (partial) explanation for this divergence will be given.

Author's Affiliation

David Coleman - University of Oxford, United Kingdom [Email]
Joop Garssen - Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS), the Netherlands [Email]

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