Nnamdi Maduekwe

Nnamdi Maduekwe

Dr. Maduekwe holds multi-disciplinary academic qualifications in Geography, Technology Management and Geo-information systems. His doctoral thesis involved integrated analysis of interacting environmental and socio-economic factors and dynamics in SE Nigeria. He has worked for over thirty years in population statistics, civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS), and public administration at the National Population Commission, the official demographic data agency in Nigeria. He has participated in planning and field activities in population censuses, surveys and CRVS and has also held adjunct teaching positions in some Nigerian universities. Dr. Maduekwe has multi-disciplinary research interests in systems, complexities and interactions especially as they relate to human environment interactions, sustainability, climatology and climate change, national statistical and CRVS systems. He has a number of publications in Nigerian and international journals and has participated in some local and multi country research projects.


National Population Commission of Nigeria


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