Liat Raz-Yurovich

Liat Raz-Yurovich

Liat Raz-Yurovich is a senior lecturer (an Associate Professor) in the Department of Sociology, Demographic Studies, and in the Federmann School of Public Policy and Governance, at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. She is a family demographer who specializes in the interrelationships between economics of households and family change, as well as in policy-driven demographic research. Her current work also focuses on the relationships between ideational change and between second demographic transition behaviors. Her training as a quantitative sociologist and as a demographer, in the Department of Sociology at the Hebrew University and later at the Max-Planck institute for Demographic Research, in Rostock, Germany, together with her long experience in teaching advanced quantitative methodological courses, provided her with the tools to use large-scale cross-sectional as well as longitudinal databases and apply state-of-the-art statistical methods in order to answer interesting research questions.


Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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