Alison Gemmill

Alison Gemmill

Alison Gemmill is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is a trained demographer with primary interests in fertility; maternal, perinatal, and reproductive health; and life course and aging. She received her PhD in Demography from UC Berkeley in 2017 and her MPH in Maternal and Child Health from UC Berkeley in 2011. Prior to graduate school, she worked as a research assistant for the Guttmacher Institute in New York. Her most recent work examines recent declines in U.S. fertility, how women’s risk preferences and perceptions impact reproductive health behaviors and outcomes, and the relationship between macrosocial stressors and perinatal health. Dr. Gemmill is also involved in several projects aimed to improve measurement and monitoring of global population health indicators, including an ongoing collaboration with the UN Maternal Mortality Estimation Inter-Agency Group.


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