Giuseppe Gabrielli

Giuseppe Gabrielli

Giuseppe Gabrielli, Ph.D., is Professor in Demography at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy). He is lecturer of Economic Demography and of Demographic Methods and Models at the Department of Political Sciences. He is member of the Steering Committee of II Level University Master course in “Management of Migrations and Reception and Inclusion Processes”.
He is the Italian representant within the Joint Programming Initiative "More Years Better Lives - The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change" (JPI MYBL) in Europe. In the four-year period (2020-2023), he Is elected member of the Steering Committee of Italian Association of Economy, Demography and Statistic (SIEDS) and member of the Editorial Board of Italian Review of Economy, Demography and Statistic (RIEDS).
His main research topics focus on international migration, family formation, fertility, and geographical demographic differences.


Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

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