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life satisfaction

23 March 2021 | research article

The mixed blessing of living together or close by: Parent–child relationship quality and life satisfaction of older adults in China

Ke Shen, Feinian Chen, Hangqing Ruan

Volume: 44 Article ID: 24
Pages: 563–594
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2021.44.24

20 March 2019 | research article

Stable cohabitational unions increase quality of life: Retrospective analysis of partnership histories also reveals gender differences

Okka Zimmermann, Nicole Hameister

Volume: 40 Article ID: 24
Pages: 657–692
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2019.40.24

10 August 2018 | research article

Parents’ subjective well-being after their first child and declining fertility expectations

Francesca Luppi, Letizia Mencarini

Volume: 39 Article ID: 9
Pages: 285–314
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2018.39.9

03 June 2016 | research article

Does it take a village to raise a child?: The buffering effect of relationships with relatives for parental life satisfaction

Małgorzata Mikucka, Ester Rizzi

Volume: 34 Article ID: 34
Pages: 943–994
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2016.34.34

03 June 2015 | research article

The problem group? Psychological wellbeing of unmarried people living alone in the Republic of Korea

Jeong Hwa Ho

Volume: 32 Article ID: 47
Pages: 1299–1328
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.32.47

16 April 2010 | research article

Satisfaction with life as an antecedent of fertility: Partner + Happiness = Children?

Nick Parr

Volume: 22 Article ID: 21
Pages: 635–662
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2010.22.21