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Cosmo Strozza

I am a postdoc at Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense. I am currently PI on the project "Challenges to Implementation of Indexation of the Pension Age in Denmark". I am also working on two other projects: "Excess deaths and life-years lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Denmark" and "Challenges of Ageing Populations: Physical Functioning, Cognitive Functioning, and Health Economic Consequences". My research focuses on mortality and health patterns and inequalities at older ages. I earned my joint-PhD in Demography at Sapienza University of Rome and in Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark. The focus of my PhD thesis was on the evaluation of the health dynamics among the oldest-old in Denmark and Italy by analyzing the relationships among different health dimensions, their determinants, and their deterioration over time.

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