Copyright Terms (for readers and users)

Copyright Terms for work published prior to October 1, 2006:

In order to support the scientific purpose of Demographic Research, the publisher hereby undertakes to ensure and enforce the protection provided by laws governing copyright, unfair competition, trademark, and all related matters. The following regulations support the copyright privileges of both the authors and the publisher of Demographic Research.

A user may download, copy and reproduce articles from Demographic Research in electronic and print form for private, educational or personal scientific purposes, but in accordance with German regulations, this activity is limited to seven (7) copies of each article. A user wishing to make more than seven (7) copies of an article for the purposes mentioned above must contact the publisher of Demographic Research to request permission via letter, fax, or e-mail prior to conducting this activity. This request must contain the number of copies which will be made and the specific use(s) to which they will be put. Permission for the uses mentioned above will be granted as long as the author(s) have agreed to this. If articles from Demographic Research are passed on to a third party by a journal user, the user has the responsibility to make the third party aware of this copyright notice and to ensure that the following information remains on any article from Demographic Research:

© 1999 - 2011 Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Demographic Research, published by Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Rostock, Germany

For any purposes other than those stated above, except in the case of indexing the contents of the journal or its associated website, no part of Demographic Research, in particular the journal’s articles and other contents, may be edited, up- or down-loaded, fed into electronic information networks, reproduced, distributed, broadcasted or otherwise used by any electronic or mechanical means, including downloading into caches other than RAM, printing, recording on CD-ROM and copying, without prior permission of the publisher. Any adaptations or transformations are forbidden.

In the case of citations of Demographic Research articles, the source must be clearly indicated.