Volume 24 - Article 33 | Pages 825–830

Age-specific growth, reproductive values, and intrinsic r

By Robert Schoen

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Date received:16 Mar 2011
Date published:10 Jun 2011
Word count:1122
Keywords:age-specific growth, intrinsic r, population momentum, reproductive value, stable equivalent, stable population
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The age-specific growth function of an observed population and the reproductive value function based on the population´s current vital rates determine the intrinsic rate of growth implied by those vital rates through the simple relationship given in equation (1). That equation establishes the analytical significance of age-specific growth, and leads to relationships that quantify a population´s approach to stability and that specify the extraordinarily close connection between reproductive values and population momentum.

Author's Affiliation

Robert Schoen - Pennsylvania State University, United States of America [Email]

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