Volume 26 - Article 7 | Pages 167–172

Historical Addendum to "Life lived equals life left in stationary populations"

By Joshua R. Goldstein

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Date received:30 Aug 2011
Date published:06 Mar 2012
Word count:300
Keywords:life expectancy, mathematical demography, stationary population
Weblink:All publications in the ongoing Special Collection 8 "Formal Relationships" can be found at http://www.demographic-research.org/special/8/


This note provides some earlier history of the relationship given in FormalRelationships1, "Life left equals life lived in stationary populations," (Goldstein2009) and shows that while the expectation of life at the mean age of the population is close to the mean age, this is not exactly so.

Author's Affiliation

Joshua R. Goldstein - University of California, Berkeley, United States of America [Email]

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