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A multistate life table approach to understanding return and reentry migration between Mexico and the United States during later life

By Alma Vega, Noli Brazil

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Date received:14 Apr 2015
Date published:04 Dec 2015
Word count:6614
Keywords:Hispanic, international retirement migration, Mexico, migration, multistate life tables
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Background: Empirical research describes retirement migration to Mexico as a viable option for some older Americans. However, far less research examines this phenomenon among Mexican immigrants in the United States. The literature that does address this topic treats international migration as a singular occurrence and does not examine the possibility of return and subsequent reentry between countries. This omission creates an important gap in our knowledge of international retirement migration, considering the strong transnational ties that Mexican immigrants maintain to their home and destination countries.

Objective: Using a multistate life table approach, this study examines the rate of return to Mexico and reentry back into the United States among Mexican males aged 50 and older with U.S. migration experience, as well as the number of years spent in both countries.

Results: Results show that the rate of reentry from Mexico into the United States declined from 3.33% at ages 50-54 to less than 1% at age 70 and older (p<0.05). By contrast, the rate of return to Mexico from the United States increased from 3.19% at ages 50 to 54 to 4.44% at ages 65 to 69 and dropped to less than 2% at age 70 and older (p<0.05).

Conclusions: Although rates of return and reentry among this population are relatively low, they provide insight into the potential life course factors driving the migration patterns of a population of increasing size and relevance in the United States.

Author's Affiliation

Alma Vega - University of Pennsylvania, United States of America [Email]
Noli Brazil - University of California, Davis, United States of America [Email]

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