Volume 37 - Article 40 | Pages 1327–1338 Editor's Choice Article has associated letter

On the pace of fertility decline in sub-Saharan Africa

By David Shapiro, Andrew Hinde


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24 January 2018 | Response Letter

Response to “Comparisons to Limited Regions and Without Controls Make Africa Look Slower Than It Is”

by David Shapiro

We thank Lyman Stone for his comments on our paper and offer the following thoughts in reply.

Our paper (Shapiro and Hinde 2017) is descriptive and focused purely on comparing the pace of the fertility declines that emerged in the second half of the twentieth century in major regions [...]

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03 January 2018 | Response Letter

Comparisons to limited regions and without controls make Africa look slower than it is

by Lyman Stone

The decline in African fertility can be considered in several ways. First, it can be considered in a raw, absolute sense, as this article does. But if it is simply to be considered without any controls, such as for rurality or income, if we want to know unconditional fertility, then restricting [...]

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