Volume 18 - Article 15 | Pages 437–442

The reporting of statistical significance in scientific journals: A reflexion

By Jan M. Hoem

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Hoem, J.M. (1986). Contribution (pp. 717-719) to the discussion of Brillinger, D.R. "The natural variability of vital rates and associated statistics''. Biometrics 42(4): 693-734.

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Hoem, J.M. (1982). Multistate mathematical demography should adopt the notions of event-history analysis. Stockholm Research Reports in Demography 10.

Weblink http://www.suda.su.se/publications_sub_srrd.asp
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Rothman, K.J. (1998). Special article: Writing for Epidemiology. Epidemiology 9(3): 333-337.

Weblink doi:10.1097/00001648-199805000-00019
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