Volume 38 - Article 29 | Pages 773–842 Author has provided data and code for replicating results Article has associated letter

Gompertz, Makeham, and Siler models explain Taylor's law in human mortality data

By Joel E. Cohen, Christina Bohk, Roland Rau


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11 July 2018 | Response Letter

More general set of conditions producing a Taylor’s Law with an exact slope of 2

by Michel Guillot

In the attached letter, I propose a set of conditions producing Taylor's Law (TL) with an exact slope of 2 that is more general than in the Cohen, Bohk-Ewald, and Rau study. This result emphasizes the importance of time trends rather than age patterns of mortality for understanding TL slopes.


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11 July 2018 | Response Letter

Purely temporal variation in mortality change cannot explain deviations from TL slope=2

by Carl Schmertmann

A further generalization of Prof. Guillot's proof.

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